Lightweight Membrane Structures

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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
4 semester(s)
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Krems, Lower Austria, Austria
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Master Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Lightweight Membrane Structures - Das Studium


Lightweight Membrane Structures are made of flexible, non-rigid materials ranging from simple sails up to stadium roofs. State of the art building materials and the latest fabrication technologies are combined with the highest engineering knowledge provided by the world leading experts in the field of Lightweight Membrane Structures.

The so called "top secrets" will be fully revealed within the program. Become an authority in the consulting, planning and execution of Lightweight Membrane Structures projects and be part of our powerful network of experts! Start a lifetime interdisciplinary career in the field of Lightweight Membrane Structures!

The next program starts November 1st 2021

Lightweight Membrane Structures, MEng consists of five attendance modules à nine days distributed over two years.

Master Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Lightweight Membrane Structures - Target audience

Target audience

Building Professionals - Architects, Engineers, Building Experts in private or public sector.

Participants will enhance their professional career and will prepare themselves for the interdisciplinary and innovative professional future.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Tuition Fee:
Tuition for the entire program is EUR 16,900 (no VAT is payable). The tuition fee covers all aspects of the program including examinations, course materials and software. Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included. To suit your business and/or personal requirements, there are a variety of tuition packages and payment methods possible. Please consult the Program Director for more information.

Admission Criteria:
  • a university degree in architecture or building related engineering sciences (Bachelor, Master)
  • or a relevant non-university degree together with a minimum of 4 years of building related professional experience in a leading role
  • or a minimum of 8 years building related professional experience in a leading position with no relevant degree


Language(s) of instruction: English
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         Lightweight Membrane Structures

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           Lightweight Membrane Structures


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