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4 semester(s)
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Krems, Lower Austria, Austria
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Master Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Lightweight Membrane Structures - Das Studium


Lightweight Membrane Structures are made of flexible, non-rigid materials ranging from simple sails up to stadium roofs. State of the art building materials and the latest fabrication technologies are combined with the highest engineering knowledge provided by the world leading experts in the field of Lightweight Membrane Structures.

The so called "top secrets" will be fully revealed within the program. Become an authority in the consulting, planning and execution of Lightweight Membrane Structures projects and be part of our powerful network of experts! Start a lifetime interdisciplinary career in the field of Lightweight Membrane Structures!

Lightweight Membrane Structures, MEng consists of five attendance modules à nine days distributed over two years:
M1: Monday Nov. 4th to Tuesday Nov 12th 2019
M2: Monday May 4th to Tuesday May 12th 2020
M3: Monday Nov. 16th to Tuesday 24th 2020
M4: Monday May 17th to Tuesday 25th 2021
M5: Monday Nov. 1st to Friday Nov 12th 2021

Master Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Lightweight Membrane Structures - Target audience

Target audience

Building Professionals - Architects, Engineers, Building Experts in private or public sector.

Participants will enhance their professional career and will prepare themselves for the interdisciplinary and innovative professional future.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Tuition Fee:
Tuition for the entire program is EUR 16,900 (no VAT is payable). The tuition fee covers all aspects of the program including examinations, course materials and software. Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included. To suit your business and/or personal requirements, there are a variety of tuition packages and payment methods possible. Please consult the Program Director for more information.

Admission Criteria:
  • a university degree in architecture or building related engineering sciences (Bachelor, Master)
  • or a relevant non-university degree together with a minimum of 4 years of building related professional experience in a leading role
  • or a minimum of 8 years building related professional experience in a leading position with no relevant degree


Language(s) of instruction: English
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           Lightweight Membrane Structures
Master Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Lightweight Membrane Structures - Organisation


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Master Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Lightweight Membrane Structures - Studying in Krems

Studying in Krems

Krems is a traditional educational town - with 30 schools and high schools attended by more than 10,000 students. Therefore, Krems’ environment is richly furnished with restaurants, hotels, guest-houses and students’ hostels, as well as leisure-time and cultural facilities. The idyllic environment of the Wachau, its exquisite wines and numerous sports facilities contribute in significant measure to the quality of life of students at the Danube University Krems.

Historic buildings and architecture from the middle-ages in the parts of Krems and Stein show for a meaningful past. The community, already mentioned in 995 as "urbs chremisa", was once the center of salt and wine trading and is one of the oldest towns in the country.

Strolling through the medieval alleyways, tasting wine in closed-down monasteries, relaxing in a café by the street, and amusedly smiling in the museum of caricatures: art and culture can be experienced and lived in Krems. The folk music festival "Glatt & Verkehrt" (Smooth & Traffic), the Lower Austrian Danube Festival, the film program of the Austrian Film Gallery, and the exhibitions at the internationally renowned Art Center Krems are the highlights of the town’s annual event calendar. As a member of the art-mile in Krems, the Danube University of Krems is a regular part of the local art and culture scene.

The Danube University of Krems is an ideal starting point for jogging, cycling, playing squash and tennis, or simply for taking a walk through the vineyards. Oarsmen and swimmers can pursuit their hobbies in the nearby Danube River.

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