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Villach, Carinthia, Austria
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Master Master of Arts (M.A.), International Business Management - Das Studium


International Business Management is a high quality two-year Master’s study program which is taught entirely in English. It aims to enable graduate students to acquire the necessary business and socio-economic knowledge and skills to specialize in international management.

Why study International Business Management at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) - School of Management in Villach, Austria?

1. International Business Management is an internationally recognized high quality two-year master’s program which is taught entirely in English.

2. International Business Management is highly practice-oriented. Problem-based learning, real-life case studies, online simulations, consulting projects for international companies, team challenges or excursions provide opportunities to learn about international business in an interactive way.

3. With its flexible specialization structure, International Business Management allows students to gain both, a well-grounded general business education in an international context, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in one of the three fields of specialization (International Marketing, International Human Resource Management orInternational Finance). A variety of courses in the other specializations can be taken in addition on an optional basis.

4. The International Business Management program provides an opportunity to learn a new foreign language. As part of the curriculum, students can choose from German, Italian, Russian and Slovene language courses. Together with a curriculum that is taught entirely in English and the location in a German-speaking country, studying at CUAS is a great opportunity to upgrade your language skills.

5. International Business Management is taught in a truly international environment. Students from all over the world meet with students from Austria and the South East and Central European region, thereby being given the opportunity to form international networks and to get to know firms in the region.

6. Boutique-size classes, a modern infrastructure, lots of opportunities for teamwork, low drop-out rates, personal service of our administration and intensive interactions with our faculty – that’s what you can expect in an environment that is characterized by a passion for teaching and learning, high quality orientation, and a personal touch.

7. The practical business knowledge, internationality, solution-oriented approach, intercultural competence and multi-lingual communication abilities of our students are highly valued by employers both in Austria as well as around the world, as the impressive careers of our alumni in many different sectors (including, for example, consulting, banking, industry, retail, media, services, public administration and research) prove.
FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Dietmar Horst Sternad, BSc, MBA
Programme Director
Master Master of Arts (M.A.), International Business Management - Target audience

Target audience

Due to the holistic and comprehensive nature of the International Business Management program, it opens a range of different career opportunities. In addition to having a profound international business education, our alumni combine intercultural and communication skills, strategic and analytic thinking capabilities, an entrepreneurial ap¬proach and the ability to effectively solve complex business problems in collaboration with others – competences that are widely sought by employers in different professional fields – in multinational companies, SMEs and entrepreneurial start-ups as well as in international institutions.

Typical job profiles and responsibilities of International Business Management graduates include, for example:
  • Planning and implementing international projects
  • International marketing and brand management
  • Export management
  • Consulting and business development
  • International supply chain management & strategic procurement
  • Human resource management in an international context
  • Financial management & international controlling
  • Management trainee & top management assistance
  • Key account management in an international environment
  • Product management
  • Entrepreneur in an international new venture
Master Master of Arts (M.A.), International Business Management - Emphasis/Curriculum


Internationally active companies and organizations are very demanding when they recruit new employees. They usually look for people who are multilingual, solution-oriented, possess a high degree of cultural awareness, and are both generalists and specialists at the same time. International Business Management offers both, a well-grounded general business education in an international context, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in one of the three fields of specialization (International Marketing, International Human Resource Management or International Finance).

The curriculum includes seven core modules and three specialization modules (students choose one of the three specialization modules and are free to take courses from the other two modules on an optional basis):
  • Core Module 1:
    Management & Leadership in an International Context
  • Core Module 2:
    Managing the International Business Value Chain
  • Core Module 3:
    Business Cases in International Management
  • Core Module 4:
    Management Control Systems
  • Core Module 5:
    External Factors Influencing International Business
  • Core Module 6:
    International Business Management Research
  • Core Module 7:
  • Specialization Module A:
    International Human Resource Management
  • Specialization Module B:
    International Marketing
  • Specialization Module C:
    International Finance
In the individual modules, students acquire functional skills for doing business in an international context, but will also master challenges of increasing complexity (e.g. case studies, simulations, research projects, or real-life consulting projects for companies) that allows them to acquire the problem-solving and interpersonal skills required in today’s globalized business environment.
Master Master of Arts (M.A.), International Business Management - Practical relevance

Practical relevance

As a University of Applied Sciences we are highly concerned with the practical relevance of our programs. Therefore, the International Business Management curriculum is strongly oriented toward introducing students to approaches and strategies for dealing with real-life challenges in the international business world. Real-life case studies, online simulations, problem-based learning, consulting projects for international companies, team challenges or excursions provide ample opportunities to learn about international business in an engaging and interactive way.

We are also aware of the growing demand for people who are able to effectively work together with others in intercultural teams. Hence, we put a special emphasis on providing our students with possibilities to acquire and extend teamwork skills during team assignments, team presentations and team projects.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Total fees approx.
Tuition fee: € 363.36 per semester. Contribution to the Austrian Student Union (ÖH): € 18.70 per semester.


Language(s) of instruction: English
voluntary: German, Italian, Russian, Slovenian
Going abroad: possible
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Master Master of Arts (M.A.), International Business Management - Organisation


The IBM Master Program is embedded in the School of Management and is part of the study program of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences – CUAS. Since the foundation in 1995 CUAS has developed into a unique educational institution in Carinthia offering over 30 study programs that educate around 2000 full and part-time students at the five CUAS sites in Villach, Klagenfurt (2 locations), Spittal/Drau and Feldkirchen.

The School of Management at CUAS equips students with the essential qualifications in business administration, law and social science necessary to work in both the private and public sector, preparing students to take on their future careers.

The study programs are characterized by a high practical relevance and the possibility to foster internationality by offering the possibility to take the forth semester at one of our partner universities around the globe.
Master Master of Arts (M.A.), International Business Management - Studying in Villach

Studying in Villach

International Business Management allows the integration of studying and other life activities, as courses are usually scheduled after 4 p.m., and occasionally on Saturdays.

About Austria:
Austria offers a rich cultural heritage, a unique traditional cuisine and a large variety of beautiful landscapes: quiet forests, stunning mountainous areas and crystal-clear lakes, all embedded in a picturesque scenery.

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts will find a large number of activities on offer, both in winter and in summer: downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking are just a few examples of your possibilities in Carinthia, the southernmost Austria state.

About Villach:
The lively city of Villach is located in the very South of Austria, just a few minutes by car from the borders to Italy and Slovenia. The location is perfect to discover the heart of Europe. Making short city trips to Venice, Ljubljana, Graz or Salzburg, spending one day on top of the mountains and the next on the Mediterranean beaches of Grado or Lignano – it’s all possible within a short distance.

Around Villach, there are numerous lakes as well as spas to relax and unwind. The Wörthersee (Lake Wörth), Faaker See (Lake Faak) and Ossiacher See (Lake Ossiach) are well-known holiday destinations that attract tourists from around the world. Just five min¬utes by bike from CUAS, the Silbersee recrea¬tion area is a popular meeting place where students enjoy some time together, play vol¬leyball, or just relax.

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