Mable Evaluation (M.A.)

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Master of Arts (M.A.)
4 semester(s)
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The Blended Learning Master of Evaluation Program aims at developing and strengthening evaluation and monitoring capacities within the government, private sector and civil society, with regard to enhancing the performance of state administration and of public services delivery.

Target group

The two-year blended learning program is designed for three general target groups:

1. The “Blended Learning Master of Evaluation” (MABLE) is especially designed for graduates of social science study programs, but also appropriate for students of other subjects (Bachelor degree level).

2. The course enables extra-occupational studies especially for freelancers and self-employed evaluators. The modular course structure and the self-learning options make MABLE a good choice for experienced evaluators who want to enhance or deepen their knowledge in specific areas.

3. MABLE is not only for evaluators, but also for the people who commission evaluations and want to gain new insights into the field of evaluation. Many aspects of the program are directed towards people who have to conduct evaluations on behalf of donor organizations, administrative agencies, or government ministries and intended to provide the tools and guidelines to assist in the completion of their tasks.


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Language(s) of instruction: English
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           Mable Evaluation (M.A.)


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Course guidance

  • Sarah Tschanun M.Sc., Coordinator "MABLE Evaluation"
  • +49 (0) 681 302-3146

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