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4 semester(s)
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Krems, Lower Austria, Austria
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The Professional MBA Program with Aviation Management Specialization is designed for future industry leaders and boosts the economic, management and individual competences in a part time, 4 semester program format.

The Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management program at Danube University Krems is based on a state-of-the art learning concept which combines a high-quality General Management curriculum with a branch-specific Specialization Curriculum in Aviation Management.

The Aviation Specialization courses offer deep insight Aviation Management knowledge and provide students with the most relevant management methods of the industry.

By passing the Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management Program at Danube Business School, students are going to understand the linkages between the different parts of the aviation industry and will obtain additionally to the General Management knowledge, branch-specific state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and competences for their future career – furthermore students become part of a highly educated, professional and international aviation community!

More Information:

Mag. Dr. Doris Burger
Program Coordinator
Aviation MBA Program established since 2000

Prof. Dr. Wolf Müller-Rostin
Academic Coordinator

Target audience

Take off to your future career.
Aviation is one of the most dynamic and fascinating industries in the world. During the last years, aviation executives had to cope with the consequences of deregulation, globalization and privatization. Technological changes and market differentiation are part of the dynamic business.

Additionally, aviation managers are confronted with a variety of national and international regulations that have a direct impact on the industry. In such an environment, human capital is one of the most important sources for ensuring the profitability of aviation companies in the future. Therefore, aviation managers should be prepared to meet the challenges of their career, in order to reach their preferred professional destination.

The Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management program offers state-of-the-art General Management Education and advanced aviation management know-how. Methods and instruments of management provide for an education which makes you “ready for take-off”.


General Management Modules

  • Fundamentals of Management (ONLINE)
  • Fundamentals of Statistics and Economics (ONLINE)
  • Business Analytics & Research Methods
  • Managerial Economics& Global Business Environment
  • Controlling & Reporting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Business Ethics
  • Managing People
  • Leadership
  • Managing Complexity & Project Management
  • Knowledge Management & Innovation
Specialization Modules
  • Political and Regulatory Aviation Framework, Contractual and Non-Contractual Liabilities and Related Issues
    Passenger Rights, ICAO
    Montreal and Rome Convention, Aviation Insurance
    EASA, Emission Trading in Aviation
    Aspects of Ground Handling Contracts
    Factual and Legal Aspects of a Major Accident
    Accident Aircraft Investigation
    Ownership, Leasing, Finance, Risk Management

  • The Airport Business Management, Airport Competition and the economic, social and environmental impact
    The Airport System and Stakeholders
    Airport Functions and Management:
    Aeronautical & Non-Aeronautical Issues
    Airport Strategic Issues: Product Design, Delivery, Marketing & Competition
    Financial Management and Controlling
    Future Developments
    The Ground Handling Business and Market
    Globalization and Networks

  • Airline Business Management, Airline Financial Management
    Pricing/Revenue Management
    Airline Marketing and Distribution
    Airline Alliances and Mergers
    Airline Cost Structure and Affecting Costs,
    Sources of Airline Finance
    Fleet Planning and Productivity, Air Cargo and
    Airline Managerial Accounting and
    Financial Management

  • Air Traffic Management: System & Operations
    Air Traffic Management and Air Traffic Control: The System and its Operations
    Future Framework: Single European Sky
    Management of an Air Traffic Service Providing Company
    Risk Assessment, Safety, Quality, Human Resource Factors
    ATM System: Flow Management, Slot Regimes
    Future Developments and Challenges
    Financial Base: Air Traffic Services & EUROCONTROL Route Charge System

  • Sustainable Aviation Management
    Sustainability in Aviation: Introduction and Main Issues
    Core problems and possible Managerial,
    Behavioural, Governance and Technological Solutions
    System Dynamics - The Manufacturing Perspectives
    Best Practices in Aviation
    Future Developments and Changes
Study Trips
  • Boulder Colorado - Authentic Leadership & Ethics
  • Silicon Valley - Entrepreneurship
  • Vancouver- Venture Capital & Mergers and Acquisitions
Master's Thesis

Practical relevance

These Aviation courses of the Program are based on the cohort model -students stay, learn and work together on the campus throughout all Aviation modules and enlarge so their personal Aviation network.

The program is distinguished by its modular structure: 1 online course, 10 on campus courses and 1 international study trip.

The program which is basically completed in four semesters is designed as part time study program. One module consists of several courses and comprises six days of intensive learning and experienced based knowledge transfer.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Total fees approx.
€ 22,900

We invite all qualified applicants for the Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management for a self-evaluation test online and a personal interview at Danube University Krems. Applicants from abroad can do the interview via Skype also.

We expect our applicants to have

  • a completed Austrian university degree and at least 2 years Professional experience or
  • a completed - according to regulations - equivalent foreign study University degree and at least 2 years of professional experience or
  • a general qualification for university entrance and at least 6 years relevant work experience in adequate position (training periods may be included)

Applicants who do not have a general qualification for university entrance need at least 10 years relevant work experience in adequate position (training periods may be included).

Additionally, a good working knowledge of the English language is required!

We kindly ask interested Aviation professionals to send us their CV before; candidates get a feedback in respect to acceptance within some days.


Language(s) of instruction: English
Going abroad: desired

Danube Business School Method

Increasingly managers are to address problems that are becoming significantly more complex. This calls for well-developed skills in dealing with uncertainty and conflicts.
In addition social skills and skills in group dynamics are getting more important role, as the enhancement of staff involvement becomes more crucial. In order to develop leadership ability in a constantly changing environment, decision makers must be able to successfully handle problems on an individual, group and organizational level.

  • Practical Knowledge: Deepening hands-on knowledge based on the experiences of successful practitioners
  • Theory: Communicating and expanding knowledge
  • Application: Bring your new learning into your workplace.
  • Case Studies: Learning and training by means of current business cases

What makes us unique?

The combination of

  • Internationalism of our staff and student body
  • Well established, highly successful, in-house teaching methods
  • International quality assurance
  • A combination of research and practice
  • Highest quality standards
  • Flexible programs and course formats
  • Well established and long-term links with industry and commerce
  • Europe’s leading public University for Continuing Education

This unique combination distinguishes all continuing education courses and programs at Danube Business School: the linking of scientific approaches with practice orientation, innovative teaching and learning methods as well as the highest quality standards.

To ensure the quality of teaching and studying, our programs regularly undergo quality assurance procedures. These accreditations enhance both the international comparability of our degrees and the transparency of our programs and courses.

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           Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management
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Master Master of Business Administration (MBA), Professional MBA, Specialization Aviation Management - Studying in Krems

Studying in Krems

Unique learning environment.
Danube University Krems is located 80 km from Vienna – in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes of Europe known as the Wachau. It has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The modern adaptation of an erstwhile tobacco factory in Stein, a characteristic industrial building dating back to the start of the 20th century, and the new premises at Campus Krems offer students and teachers an open and motivating environment that promotes innovation. The facilities include modern teaching and research rooms, a library, an auditorium, a cinema, apartments, and a variety of restaurants.

Course guidance

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